Cellular IoT Chipsets

In the cellular IoT space, Sony Semiconductor Israel’s goal is to offer the market a true optimized always-connected IoT platform with the lowest power consumption. Our global headquarters, based  in Hod Hasharon, are strategically located in Israel’s central region to drive global operations. In addition, we have development and customer engineering offices conveniently situated in France, Japan, the United States, Finland, Taiwan and Korea. This allows us to tap into global talent and effectively serve our customers around the world. Our innovative solutions, designed from the ground up for IoT, push the boundaries of power, size, and cost in IoT products. Our platform offering combines security, low power processing, and multiple connectivity protocols, providing new opportunities for device vendors and solution integrators to add value to the end-to-end solutions of IoT-based systems.

By extending device operations from days to months, we inspire the market with new use cases for IoT devices. Our products are recognized in the market for setting new benchmarks with every new release. From circuit design to algorithm development and coding, power efficiency is a top priority. Our engineers are constantly striving to make our solutions more efficient with ultra-low power consumption.

Sony Semiconductor Israel’s mature, field proven cellular IoT solutions utilize cutting-edge technology and innovation. Our solutions include advanced signal processing and communication algorithm designs, ensuring efficient data transmission and reception in various scenarios. We specialize in RFIC, analog, and power management design, guaranteeing optimal performance while maintaining best-in-class power efficiency. Our power optimized SoC architecture reduces energy consumption while enhancing functionality, resulting in smaller, cheaper, and more efficient devices. Our field-proven 4G and 5G cellular stacks enable us to offer seamless connectivity for a wide range of IoT applications in any cellular network worldwide. We also develop application frameworks to help customers to build end-to-end solutions on SoC, safeguarding data integrity and privacy throughout the IoT ecosystem. This total focus on security has gained us both market influence and recognition.
Experience unrivaled security with our cutting-edge SoC integrated hardware, secured embedded firmware to enable the world’s first commercial iSIM solution, and secured embedded software solutions for lifecycle management and secure communication to enable simple to deploy, yet secure devices for real world IoT applications.