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About the team

The architecture team is at the core of Sony Semiconductor Israel’s organizational structure. On one hand, our role is to translate product, marketing, and customer requirements into architecture, that development teams can efficiently implement. On the other hand, our role is to help the product and marketing departments to better define and promote our products. In order to excel in our role, we built a team of exceptional system engineers with vast technological knowledge, starting from RF and hardware, algorithmic and AI understanding and full stack software- from embedded applications to cloud compute. Our success is built on team excellence, creativity, and great interpersonal relationships with all the stakeholders in our organization.

Pushing the limits
Paving new paths
Dima Paus
Solution Architect
Dima Paus

“I joined Sony Semiconductor Israel about a year ago. I was attracted to Sony because of the challenges it presents, and because I align with the company’s values: quality, creativity, and excellence. While applying for the position, I was struck by a company message that read, “We want to fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology…” This is something you truly want to be a part of! My position’s main focus is to collect pain-points and product expectations from various stakeholders; including AI application developers, camera makers and product engineers across the world. I then translate those into documented specifications, which serve Sony Semiconductor Israel’s development teams to design the most attractive Edge AI solutions. Sony Semiconductor Israel provides an excellent work environment, characterized as a friendly, collaborative, and supportive atmosphere”

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