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About the team

The Operations team handles a unique blend of challenges, including various technical aspects. It is responsible for developing all technological and physical infrastructure necessary for Sony Semiconductor Israel to perform its development and manufacturing activities. As the department is responsible for multiple activities, it is multidisciplinary – composed of several dedicated teams handling different activities simultaneously: supply chain operations, information technology, quality & compliance, real estate & facilities, product engineering, and more.

Team spirit
Positive attitude
Gil Rafalovich
Senior Manager
Gil Rafalovich

“The innovation and freedom to create at Sony Semiconductor Israel are unparalleled. Our boutique department, comprised of a multidisciplinary team, has a direct impact on the company as a whole. Ultimately, we are the gatekeepers of the quality and performance of our chipsets, which are used for a vast range of globally deployed tech products. We design and oversee the production process that serves millions of users worldwide, making our role a true privilege. Everyone here is deeply motivated, sharing a common passion for the profession despite coming from diverse fields of expertise. Collaboration is key, and we approach our tasks as team players.”

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