Deep Learning 
at the Edge

In the realm of Deep Learning, Sony Semiconductor Israel’s Edge AI solutions enable easy deployment of vision AI in various applications. Our development encompasses AI research, DNN algorithms, edge processing hardware/SoC and comprehensive software tools, home-grown open-source projects, and web services, providing holistic cutting-edge solutions for processing AI at the edge.

Sony Semiconductor Israel’s AI expertise focuses on optimizing solutions for various image sensors and technologies. By leveraging state-of-the-art AI and computer vision knowledge, along with a deep understanding of systems and design, we offer a unique opportunity to shape the design of real sensors used in millions of everyday products. We specialize in optimization for edge devices, enabling low power, high-performance DNN processors, that can accommodate virtually any DNN algorithm, supported by software tools that naturally integrate into AI development environments.
Our technologies can be found in products like the IMX500 intelligent vision sensor, the world’s first image sensor with embedded edge-AI processing capabilities, and the AITRIOS IoT Smart Camera PaaS.