Silicon Design & Hardware

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About the team

The Silicon Design team at Sony Semiconductor Israel is responsible for creating System-on-Chip ICs for the Cellular IoT and Edge AI markets. These SoC designs are based on Deep Submicron technologies.
The team has multiple essential design capabilities, including SoC architecture, digital design, analog & RF design, digital verification, and physical design implementation. Additionally, the department is in charge of characterizing the performance of the IC from both analog and digital perspectives. This includes designing algorithms for RF system control and software tools for calibration and manufacturing automation.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions for every stage of the design chain, from architecture to GDSII, which encompasses RF & analog design, physical design, verification, and characterization.

Ingenuity & Innovation
Adi Hazon-Berkovich
Layout Engineer
Adi Hazon-Berkovich

“I’ve been working at Sony Semiconductor Israel for about two years, with over twenty years of experience in the field. My role in the team is designing the layout of the RFIC chips and IPs, using innovative layout and verification tools. A special fact about our team is that we emphasize not only one’s technical abilities, but also the individual’s character. Who you are as a person matters just as much as your professional knowledge. My colleagues stand out as dedicated, knowledge-sharing, and empathetic individuals. Our team is composed of highly seasoned experts in the unique and challenging specialty of RFIC design, working together in collaboration and open communication”

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