Our Technological Edge
Creating Innovative Solutions in AI, Advanced Communication, and Security

At Sony Semiconductor Israel, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide end-to-end solutions. Our work encompasses cutting-edge research in AI, advanced communication algorithms, and security.
Our CTO sensing team is dedicated to researching advanced technologies and algorithms using AI and computer vision to improve Sony’s sensors, offering a unique opportunity to shape the design of real sensors used in millions of everyday products.
In the CTO Security team, we are driving research activities, with eco-system partners and standard bodies, to find creative and cost-effective security solutions for our line of products that will ensure high level of security that can co-exist with the product value propositions such as size and power.
Our major research topics are post-5G security protocols, Post Quantum security solutions, security for AI and blockchains. Working in standard bodies and with leading eco-system partners to solve real-world security challenges enables us to shape some of the security technologies that will dominate the IoT markets for years to come.
We develop advanced System on Chip (SoC) solutions to meet industry standards and cater to customer needs. Our team of skilled engineers specialize in power management, analog and RF circuits, the development of power/performance optimized AI processors, DSP, and real-time embedded software. Our engineers possess broad system knowledge and a deep understanding of how products are used in real world applications. By designing complete systems, every engineer has a major impact on the final products.
At Sony Semiconductor Israel, our part of our expertise lies in AI solutions, particularly in the fields of image and video processing.