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About the team

The Chief Technology Office team at Sony Semiconductor Israel are responsible for algorithmic development and research in areas of communication, AI and computer vision and security. Our team collaborates with multinational teams across global Sony corporate to develop cutting edge technologies that nobody else can build.

This is a unique team that deals with the leading products in the market at the forefront of technology, and on the other hand, aims to preserve itself as a high-quality group that works in a professional, multidisciplinary manner


Haim Simkovits
Algorithms Engineer
Haim Simkovits

“Sony Semiconductor Israel, for me, is a synonym for top-quality products, innovative technology, and above all, vision. We are always seeking different perspectives when solving problems, while remaining open to new ideas and discussing them together. As a team we love to kick back and enjoy team building fun days with plenty of hiking, but for me the most satisfying moments at work are in the lab, testing an algorithm that started its journey as just an idea a few months ago– and is now working and performing in real life. Personally, I love to cooperate, share my knowledge, and learn from other people’s research, ideas, and points of view.”

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