Product & Marketing

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About the team

Our product management and marketing team is responsible for setting organization strategy, defining product offerings from system architecture to customer value propositions, and generating and delivering the marketing strategy to the global stakeholders. As a team that consists of product managers, marketing experts, and system architects, we collaborate with our customers and eco-system partners to understand the market needs and work closely with the technology, research and development teams to build highly differentiated products and solutions to solve real-world problems.

Our team’s success is based on the collaboration between the different disciplines, a fundamental understanding of technology and business, and our quest for excellence.

Guy Cohen
Director, Product Management
Guy Cohen

“We have a highly dynamic work environment, operating at the forefront of the semiconductor industry. It is a privilege to collaborate with highly motivated and skilled professionals and have access to state-of-the-art technology. Doing my job is truly an opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking IoT products and technologies that make real-world impact. A combination of exceptional individuals with an open and collaborative environment enables us to deliver industry-leading products and drive innovation.
I always feel satisfied when our delivery is being commercially embraced and generates a substantial positive impact on the industry and overall products landscape.
We are not just building exceptional solutions, but also shaping the entire industry by introducing game changing products.”

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