System Engineering

Designing the tomorrow is always possible, and here is a good place to start!

About the team

The System Engineering team builds and develops the Sony Semiconductor Israel flagship software products. The department operates as owners and advocates for the underlying design, product components, and system performance. We strive to create an environment that fosters a passion for problem solving, encourages creativity and offers ongoing opportunities for growth and development. Our mission is to execute the development of the products and bring them to the market. We desire to connect things to the cloud in the most efficient way taking into consideration memory capacity and power consumption by using disruptive technology and changing the status quo.

Daniel Tsimanis
Team Leader, PHY Firmware
Daniel Tsimanis

“Our team develops state of the art solutions in a collaborative and supportive work environment. We provide engineers with a wide range of fields to explore for continuous learning and growth. Working as an engineer at Sony Semiconductor Israel requires a comprehensive understanding of software, hardware, and algorithms. The most satisfying moment in my work is when our new products are connected to a network after undergoing extensive design, development, simulation, and emulation. It’s gratifying to see a working chip integrated into millions of products, knowing that I contributed significantly to the project.

Sony is an innovative company, a worldwide synonym for quality products. We recognize that being an innovative company is essential, but that true motivation and enthusiasm come from more than that. ”

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