Deep Learning Group

Designing the tomorrow is always possible, and here is a good place to start!

About the team

The Deep Learning department at Sony Semiconductor Israel is a dynamic and innovative team developing solutions for developing, optimizing, and deploying AI (Deep Learning)-based applications. We deal with a wide range of activities and technologies, bound together to form our cutting-edge solutions, integrated with Sony’s world-leading image sensor products and the AITRIOS smart-camera platform. Our vision is to continuously push technology’s boundaries further and set the bar for advanced edge AI (Deep Learning) solutions for a new era.

Tehila Dabush
Software team leader
Tehila Dabush

“I’ve been working at Sony Semiconductor Israel for five years and am currently a team lead within the Deep Learning Department. What makes our department unique are the people composing it, individuals on top of their league professionally, yet always kind and warm, who become your friends and companions, not just colleagues. On the day to day, we operate like our own “Start-Up” within Sony, while knowing they have our back.”

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